Polymer Modified Bitumen

Styrelf®PMB Bitumen is modified with elastomeric polymers using a TotalEnergies innovative cross-linking technology which gives them exceptional properties in terms of storage stability, cohesiveness, elongation capacity and resistance to aging. The Styrelf®PMB is a homogenous and superior quality PMB; which enhances life of the pavement.

Available grades:

  • Styrelf® PMB 40
  • Styrelf® PMB 70
  • Styrelf® PMB 40 Super
  • Styrelf® PMB 40 Hyma
  • Styrelf® PMB 64-10 S/H/V/E
  • Styrelf® PMB 70-10 S/H/V/E
  • Styrelf® PMB 76-10 S/H/V/E
  • Styrelf® PMB 82-10 S/H/V/E
  • Styrelf® PMB 76-22 S/H/V/E

Product Certifications:

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS): CM/L – No – 3269160.

®A technology of TotalEnergies

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PMB improves asphalt performance by increasing its resistance to deformation, fatigue, and ageing. This results in more durable roadways that can endure large loads and extreme weather conditions, lowering maintenance requirements and overall lifecycle costs.

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Traffic volume, climate conditions, desired performance qualities, and aggregate type should all be considered. Working with skilled engineers and examining relevant industry standards can assist in determining the best PMB formulation for a given project.

Yes, PMB is versatile and can be customized to fit individual project requirements. The material's versatility allows for usage in a variety of mixed designs, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-traffic roadways, airports, and metropolitan areas with unique performance requirements.

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