Research and Development

Going beyond products – Technical Assistance for our costumers

ITPL offers a detailed technical evaluation of a complete range of products to the customers. Its state-of-the-art labs are equipped with the latest equipment for analysis of Performance Grade Binders with DSR (Dynamic Shear Rheometer) and post short-term and long-term aging process through RTFO (Rolling Thin Film Oven) / PAV (Pressure Aging Vessel).

The Technical Assistance to customers is a result of the in-depth experience and expertise of IndianOil and Total Energies which includes:

Training on storage, handling, and applications of the products 

Technical Assistance to define the best conditions to obtain the required performance of the products

Laboratory support for optimal mix designing

Technical support on Hot Mix and Cold Mix processes from production to applications.

ITPL has collaborations with leading technical institutes such as IITs to provide Technical Assistance to the customers