Life @ ITPL

Innovate.   Learn.   Grow.   Celebrate.   Repeat.

ITPL is built on a strong cultural foundation that combines the legacy of strong shareholders with the vibrancy of today’s youth. At ITPL, we encourage our employees to pursue faster growth while also achieving common goals. We also believe that happy, healthy, and engaged employees contribute to a happy, healthy workplace. Our Guiding Principles provide our employees with the ROOTS to remain firm with integrity and focus, while our constantly evolving scenarios assist employees in achieving ambitious goals. We are confident that our strong work culture has been a driving force behind our successes thus far, and that it will continue to be so as we embark on our journey to innovate and build our future.

Why Choose ITPL

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Write your own story

ITPL is a young organization, and there is ample scope to write your own story and make a mark. We give enough opportunities to our employees to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a way that contributes to the development and success of the company as well as the employee. You can walk in with your innovative ideas and there are high chances that you will see them getting implemented.

IndianOil Total Pvt. Ltd. - Team

More opportunities to learn

We believe that learning is a constant process for both individuals as well as the organization. At ITPL, there is a sharp focus on the learning and development of our people so that it benefits both the organization and the employee. We take special initiatives to inculcate a culture of learning through our training programs and learning platforms. 

IndianOil Total Pvt. Ltd. Team

Accelerate your growth

At ITPL, growth is certain for good performance. Your performance is important not only to your position but also to the overall success of the company. Hence, ITPL offers more opportunities to demonstrate abilities and advance through the ranks. Your hard work and efforts have genuine chances to shine and get noticed. 

IndianOil Total Pvt. Ltd.

Secured future

We at ITPL believe in overall well-being and a secure future for all our people. ITPL offers its employees facilities of health check-ups, medical insurance, personal insurance, and accident insurance for a long-term social security. ITPL also offers long service awards to the employees to acknowledge their commitment and loyalty. 

Guiding Principles


Safety is our key principle. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and community. We continuously improve our processes and promote comprehensive safety measures. As individual accountability, we expect all employees to adhere to our safety standards, and actively participate in and support the advancement of our safety practices. 


We work relentlessly to obtain the highest quality results through continuous improvement. It is our commitment to deliver the best to our customers and all stakeholders.


We believe that integrity is a foundation on which strong and long­lasting relationships are built. We acknowledge that the integrity of our personal and business interactions affects our employees, customers, partners, and community and defines our reputation. We are fully committed to our strong integrity culture and ensure that we do everything in a moral, ethical and transparent manner.


Respect at ITPL means that every person is of equal value. We embrace diversity to create teams that make us stronger & efficient to add value to our business. We respect and follow human rights laws and abide by local rules and regulations set by the varied governing authorities. We are committed to promote empathy, cooperation, collaboration, tolerance and encourage free expression of opinions and ideas. We remain attentive to listen and respect our customers, community, and environment.


We believe that it is extremely important to create and maximize value through innovation to achieve our growth ambitions. We strive for better solutions to improve our products, services & processes. We endeavor to promote creativity in our everyday workings.


We believe that trust is a core to any relationship that we build internally and externally. We strive to build trust in every action by professionally conducting ourselves to build long-lasting trustworthy relationships with all our stakeholders.